Emergency Roof Repairs

Do you require an Emergency Roof Repair? Experiencing flooding or need an urgent roof fix?

If you have an emergency roof repair that needs to be taken care of, we can help no matter your roof type. We have the equipment to stop roof leaks while it’s still raining and can come out at any time or day to fix the issue.

Roofing makesafes

If you have an emergency roof leak we can come out and install some tarp covers to temporarily stop the leak until a more permanent solution can be organised.

Call Andrew on 0400775028 if you have an emergency roof repair and we can have somebody out there in under an hour. We cover all areas within 80km of Melbourne CBD.


We can fix the issue that day or night and can supply a quote for a more permanent fix if required.

Roof leaks and flooding


If you’re having issues with roof leaks or flooding we can promptly sort out the problem and give a guarantee on the leak being fixed for 10 years.

Blocked downpipes


Having a blocked downpipe can cause a lot of problems ranging from flooding buildings to overflowing gutters. We are specialists in this area and can offer underground stormwater drain clearing with a “Jetter” machine. The jetter uses high pressure water to blast debris out of blocked drains and can even cut through tree roots in drains.

Vermin proofing roofs


If your roof has not had all small holes and gaps covered it can attract birds , possums , mice and rats . It doesn’t take much of a gap in the roof or under a gutter for these animals to be able to get in and cause issues or unwanted noise in your roof space.

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Our Core Values

At ABW Metal Roofing, we aim to provide a premium service at fair and reasonable costs for all our residential and commercial customers in Melbourne. We like to educate our customers on investing in low cost maintenance options to avoid potential costly repairs. 

Always on time

Our tradesmen are friendly, easy to deal with and are punctual with our agreed arrival date and time.

Affordable Roofing

We offer some of the best rates in Melbourne, and we negotiate better supplier rates for our customers.

Amazing Service

We take pride in our customer service just as we do in our tradesmanship.

Why Choose Us

Our reputable and specialist Metal Roofing Installation and Repair team has over 20 years of experience working with Leading Builders in Melbourne. We are equipped to deliver everything from large commercial projects to smaller residential repairs. No job is too big or too small, and always delivered on time and within budget.

Amazing service and very patient with his work and quality.
ABW Metal Roofing Roof Restoration
Shripad K
From Hughesdale, Victoria
Andrew was prompt, very professional and completed the job. We can't recommend him enough!
Residential Garage Roofing
Jennifer Y
From Armadale, Victoria
Excellent communication arrived on time and completed the job quickly. Thanks, Andrew
Residential Roof Repair
Alex Z
From Caulfield South, Victoria